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Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine (WPM-28)
Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine (WPM-28)
  • Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine (WPM-28)

  • Item No : WPM-28

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    1) Peeling Length  0.1 -30mm 
    2) Peeling Length Setting Unit  0.01mm 
    3) Cutting The Scope Of  Min0.3-Max6.99mm
    4) Cutting Depth Setting Unit  0.01mm 
    5) The Processing Capacity (/ Hour)  Is Approximately 200 
    6) The Processing Operation Step Number  Maximum Processing 9 Steps 
    7) Data Storage Capacity  Can Store 9 Types Of Processing Steps × 99 Ge 
    8) Can Process The Types Of Wires  General Wire, Coaxial, Semi-soft Cover-line 
    9) Noise Level   60bB

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Detailed description
Coaxial cable Stripping Machine (WPM-28)

Brief Description: mainly used for a single line, coaxial cable, and special processing, using the most advanced rotary tool carrier, to improve the processing accuracy and speed. Use of a specific axis positioning device and the rotary cutter way, up to nine-stripping blades can be replaced without the corresponding processing of various sizes and skin wires.
Item   specifications and capabilities 
1) Peeling length  0.1 -30mm 
2) Peeling length setting unit  0.01mm 
3) cutting the scope of  Min0.3-Max6.99mm
4) cutting depth setting unit  0.01mm 
5) The processing capacity (/ hour)  is Approximately 200 
6) The processing operation step number  Maximum processing 9 Steps 
7) Data storage capacity  Can store 9 types of processing steps × 99 Ge 
8) can process the types of wires  General wire, coaxial, semi-soft cover-line 
9) Noise Level   60bB

10) Tool Material  Super-hard titanium 
11) The use of power  AC100V-230V 
12) Rated power  105 ∨ ∧ 
13) Machine weight  of About 25Kg 
14) Overall dimensions  435 ×  230mm

The samples after processing cable:

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